• Act 1 - The opening

    • Objectives of the section

      At the end of this section, you will be able to :

      • Identify 4 key questions to ask for an engaging opening
      • Make the link between these questions and the science of instruction
      • Engage your students at the beginning of a course using some techniques

    • Description

      How do the best TV series open their show ? How can you engage your students at the beginning of a course by using these tricks ?

      Let's find out in this section…

    • Instruction

      Please start by choosing a course to improve. This step is very important in order to take advantage of the e-learning. Then watch the videos that introduce examples and techniques of openings. Don't forget to assess David J. Keogh’s openings... At the end of the section, take some time to reflect on your own course and share some teaching ideas with the community.

    • [Forum] Your opening tricks (10min) [Forum] Your opening tricks (10min)
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    • Conclusion

      We hope this section gives you some insights and ideas to improve the start of your course and engage learners from the beginning. Now we can talk about the most difficult part for TV shows and courses : the middle.