• Generation Netflix

    • Objectives of the section

      At the end of this section, you will be able to:

      • Identify some key facts about storytelling and the Netflix Generation
      • Identify key arguments for why you should rethink ways of engaging students
      • Identify similarities between television series and teaching

    • Description

      Why is storytelling powerful? Why should we rethink our way of engaging students? Why could we transfer some techniques from television to teaching?

      Here are some facts and thoughts from David J. Keogh to warm-up!

    • Instruction

      Please open the pages and watch the videos ; then you can answer the quiz before going to the next section.

    • Conclusion

      Now we hope you are convinced that we can make strong links between TV storytelling techniques and teaching. You are ready to go to the next section and think about the start of a TV show and a lesson.