• Act 2 - The middle

    • Objectives of the section

      At the end of this section, you will be able to :

      • Identify 3 key techniques to use to engage the audience in the middle of a TV episode
      • Make the link between these techniques and the science of instruction
      • Engage your students in the middle of a course using some techniques

    • Description

      Now you are in the middle of a lesson and the attention of your students starts to decrease… It looks the same as for a TV show. So can we use some TV techniques to keep engaging our students during a lesson ?

      Let's try!

    • Instruction

      Please open all the pages and watch the videos that introduce examples and techniques of act 2. As for the opening in the previous section, please assess David J. Keogh's middles. At the end of the section, reflect on your own course and share some tricks with your peers in the forum activity.

    • [Forum] Your tricks (10min) [Forum] Your tricks (10min)
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    • Conclusion

      It's an art to continue engaging learners in the middle of a lesson. It's also an art to conclude and engage learners to come to the next course! This is the topic of the next section : act 3 - closing.